Frequently Asked Questions

What size containers do you have available?

Container Works are consistently getting high quality new and used stock. Currently in stock we have 10, 20 and 40 foot containers available. See more about sizes.

How do I know what type of container I need?

The Container Works team will work with you to ensure you find the right container that best suits your requirements. Our sales team will ask you what you will be using your container for and help point you in the right direction. See our range of shipping containers.

How do I get my container to my desired location?

Container Works can arrange for your container to be delivered or moved. To ensure a safe and efficient delivery, please advise us of any obstructions (like overhead wires and overhanging branches). This assists us in determining the most appropriate truck and avoids the need for multiple delivery attempts. See more on delivery and removal.

Where is the best place to store my container?

Your container will need to be placed on firm and level ground. If you are going to place your container in a paddock ,we highly recommend you use blocks to lift the container off the ground as this allows for air flow.

How secure will the contents of my container be?

All containers are built from tough/heavy steel. Depending on the container your looking to hire/purchase we have containers available with lock boxes.

Do I need permission to place my container?

Council regulations vary so we recommend contacting your local council to find out before purchasing or hiring.

How will I pay for my purchased container?

Payment is required prior to delivery or pick up. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or direct debit.

How will I pay for my hired container?

Payment for the first month hirage and transport is required prior to delivery or pick up. Following this you will be invoiced ahead of each month.

How do I return my container?

Contact Container Works once you have finished with your container and we can arrange a collection and advise of transport costs.

If I purchase a container can I sell it back to Container Works once I have finished with it?

Yes. Container Works will buy back the container based on market value and transport costs at the time. See more on delivery and removal.

Will my container develop condensation?

The majority of our containers have a number of air vents to allow for air circulation which helps to eliminate or prevent condensation. However, if your contents stored in the container are damp, or contain moisture, or you take moisture into the container on a rainy day then it is possible for the container to develop condensation issues (this is the exception and doesn’t generally happen).

If you are putting anything susceptible to damage from temperature extremes into your container we recommend that you look at purchasing a container liner to prevent condensation. The liner keeps your container at a consistent temperature preventing condensation and moisture damage (we have liners available). Alternatively you could add a moisture collector into the container to absorb any dampness.

Can I get a container in a different colour, or have it painted in my chosen colour?

Container Works have a small range of different colour containers available for sale and hire. Additionally you can have your container painted in any colour you would like however this will incur an additional cost.

Will my container be wind and water tight?

Yes - all Container Works containers are wind and water tight.

Can I get insurance for my container contents?

Yes. Please contact your insurance company to explain your needs. Your previous history with that company, the location of your container and the length of time the contents will be stored inside the container will be factors your insurance company considers before issuing a policy.

Why choose Container Works?

We are a couple owned small business operated from Morrinsville with sales locations in Morrinsville and Rotorua. At Container Works we strive to give you quality products at the best possible prices and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

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