4 Tips to Maintaining Your Shipping Container

Posted 19 Sep 2016 by Renee in Handy tips

Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh environments and are constructed from heavy steel, amazingly a new container will last 25 years without any maintenance! 

With that being said, like anything that is typically exposed to the elements and has day to day usage, it’s important to complete regular maintenance to ensure your container is kept in top condition. Below you will find 4 simple yet effective ways to maintain an extend the life of your container.

1. Create a Level Foundation

First off and most important, whether you’re hiring a container for short term storage solution or buying a container to use as a shed you must ensure your container is on placed on a level and elevated, flat, well-drained surface. This stops water from collecting in one area of the container and prevents corrosion of the underside. Concrete or wooden blocks are a great way to elevate your container.

2. Treat Rust

It’s vital to touch up any small areas of rust/corrosion as soon as its found to prevent leaks. The longer you leave rust untreated, the worse it gets and the more damage it will cause to your container.

3. Repair the Roof

The most important part of the container is the roof! Second hand containers are often dented from having other shipping containers stacked on top of them. Dents can collect rain water which causes corrosion on chipped paint - that’s why it’s so important to repair dented areas and treat with rust proof paint to prevent corrosion.

4. Look after the Doors

Container door seals will generally last between 10-15 years before they begin to perish. To ensure a long life span, you should periodically service the moving parts of the door, lockable handles and check the secureness of the door seals as depending on use they can be subject to damage from wear and tear. Regularly clean the door hinges, seals and locks removing any dirt and rust, then lubricate them with silicone spray. If you notice any cracks on the door seals you will need to replace them to ensure your container remains wind and water tight.